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Exercise in Love

**Previously part of the "From the Heart" Valentines Anthology- Exercise in Love has been extended and revamped for Solo release***

Carly was fed up with life, it had been 5 years since she lost her family and she had dealt with it in the only way she knew how-food. Overweight, single and with a dead end job she hated, her only light in the darkness was her best friend Robyn. A forced night out for her birthday makes Carly see the world she’s been missing but also brings with it a realization that she can’t continue on the same path. Finding the strength inside she takes that first step to change. 

Andy had been plodding along burying himself in his work, until Carly erupts into his life bringing back his love for his job and making him see what has been missing from his own life. Charmed instantly by her determined attitude, innocent spirit and hypnotised by her stunning green eyes he agrees to take her on and help her on her journey not realising shes helping him on his own at the same time. 

Can Carly get over her own insecurities and accept love or will her old demons win



Exercise in Love
by Jessica Mills

Amazing story!! Carly is a very relatable character to myself and probably many others who feel they are not a their ideal weight. She is strong-willed and sassy and sweet and caring all wrapped up into one person. Andy is determined, hard working, and a gentleman who has a past of his own and he and Carly make the perfect pair to overcome their issues. I can't brag on this story and J Thompson's writing enough!!


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