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Soulfate | Book II of the Soulmate Series

She never saw him coming

The life of the party and date queen extraordinaire, Sonia watches as her best friend finally finds love with her destined soulmate. Although overjoyed for her friend she starts to feel the emptiness of her chosen lifestyle. A new project at the museum drags her attention and sets it onto an ancient mosaic. The larger than life warrior depicted increases Sonia’s want for a change in her life and someone to share it. But can she handle the emotions that are released when stone comes to life.

He should kill her, not protect her
Trapped by a vengeful god Cosmos is destined to fight forever against the beasts of the underworld. Until the blood of the long lost oracle frees him from his purgatory and unleashes hell on to the mortal world. Can he make the ultimate sacrifice and destroy the oracle or will he submit to his desires and wants and stand against the gods to save her.

They must make their choice, in order to save the world as they know it.
Thrust together by fate and the goddess of love. Con Sonia and Cosmos go against all odds, trust each other and finally admit what love had planned all along.
That Soulmates destined will always find each other.



by Jessica Mills

Once again another great read from J Thompson. I was on edge the entire book trying to guess what would happen next. I can't wait for the next book! Cosmos is so far my favorite character in the series. I love his boldness and arrogance with sincerity that makes him so easy to love! 



by Yericka Aviles

(Kindle Edition) "Hellcat, next time you leave our bed without my knowing I'm tying you to it." Where do I begin? I have been waiting for this book since I read RJ Thompson's debut novel, Soulkiss, and I finally got it and it was exactly what I expected and more. I really wish I was able to rate this higher than the 5 stars it allows. Yeah! To me, this book was just that good. I laughed, I fell in love and both anticipated and dreaded the ending. No one likes to end a good, scratch that, GREAT book! Cosmos and his Hellcat, Sonia, were beyond amazing and I cannot wait for the rest in the Soulmate Series Thank you RJ for another fabulous read!


by Jessica Mills

Great story. It had me laughing, crying, and gasping at different points. Which is what I love in a story. Cosmos has this personality that perfectly suits Sonia and her personality. A perfect fit. Love this book!


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