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Soulkiss on Amazon

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Soulkiss | Book I of the Soulmate Series

It all started with a dream. He was handsome , sexy and had a body to die for. 
He swept Arianna off of her feet with his charm and made her feel loved, cherished and protected. 

Only one problem He wasn’t real This man, this oh so perfect man didn’t exist, he was but a figment of Arianna’s over active imagination, a culmination of her day dreams and deepest fantasies. Or was he… 

A double date soon turns to disaster, starting a chain of events that’s thrusts Arianna into a world so different from her own, testing her courage, her heart and her soul.

But is she strong enough to battle through and save the soul destined for her.

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by Crystal  Carter

When I first started reading this, I expected romance, tension, drama but what I got was so much more. J. Thompson has created a beautiful story with a gorgeous storyline involving two, beautiful destined soul's with plenty of excellent twists and turns. SoulKiss is truly a work of art and one heck of an emotional ride. What an amazing start to a new series by a new author! I strongly suggest you get your copy NOW. You will fall in love with not only the characters and story but also with the author like I did. Five stars just isn't enough!


by Jessica Mills

Speechless! Unexpected plot! LOVE! This book is for sure one of the best I've read in a while! Awesome twist at the end! Wonderful!


by Yericka Aviles

"She may not have remembered him, but by the gods did he remember her. As brief as it had been, the feel of her body, her skin and the touch of her lips had his body aflame." Soulkiss by R.J. Thompson is a must read, must own & a must add to your book collection! I was asked to read & leave an honest review, let me start by saying, Soulkiss by R.J. Thompson did NOT disappoint! This is one of those books that pulls you in & you never want it to let you go, the characters were developed beautifully. I fell in love with Arcaeus & Arianna's love story instantly. They not only defied the god Apollo but death & time, their love conquered it all! The author did a brilliant job with this novel & I will be awaiting more amazing reads!


by Jessica Mills

I love Arcaeus and Arianna!! It is just a beautiful story that had me on the edge of my seat wanting more. I love their romance and their connection. Wonderful story!



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