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Teasers from Soulkiss - Book I of the Soulmate Series

Soulkiss - Fantasy Fiction Novel by J Thompson

Arcaeus moved his lips slowly along the slender column of her neck, ensuring he licked up every last drop of the creamy filling from Arianna’s skin. He took his time with small bites and kisses to her jaw before he took full control of her mouth. Natural instinct and raw need kicked in and she reached up to dig her hands into his hair. She held him close and kissed him back, showed him with her mouth how much she wanted him.

This was it, the passion Arianna had always felt was missing from her life. Arcaeus, her wonderful dream warrior come to life, ignited the flames in her body and made her crave more.

Arianna’s body on fire, she arched into Arcaeus, she needed the warrior even closer as the kiss became more and more frantic. Years of pent up need forced their way to the forefront and created wanton thoughts and actions.

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